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Surfrider Q & A · 11 October 2012

As you may have seen, BBPS President Maurice Cole is on the ballot paper in the current Surf Coast Shire council elections.

While Maurice is running as a private citizen and not as our President we would still like to support his campaign by posting his responses to the following Question and Answer sheet from the Surfrider Foundation:

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Coastalwatch article · 7 April 2012

Have a look at this article from the Coastalwatch website. It ties in nicely with our previous Myth-BUS-ter post, below.

Bells Beach Myth – BUS – ters · 3 April 2012

Since the debate over commercial tour operators went public, serious misinterpretations and misrepresentations of the aims of the Bells Beach Preservation Society (and other community groups) have surfaced.

In an effort to set the record straight we would like to bust the following myths about commercial tour operators in the Bells reserve:

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Commercial tour operators, the story so far… · 23 March 2012

The latest on the tour bus saga, a video summary from Maurice:

Video credit to Wes at Nalu Productions, excellent work, as always>

The thin edge of the wedge. · 8 March 2012


By now you are probably familiar with the new markings and signs in the Bells Reserve, but in case you have missed it, there are a whole lot of new yellow lines and signs.

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A message from the President · 3 March 2012

A message from colorful local identity, international surf icon, Bells reserve regular and the President of the Bells Beach Preservation Society, Maurice Cole:

Maurice is the one with the hat.

Hi All
 the fight for Bells to remain “OUR” sacred surfing site is now in full swing,could you all please pass on the link to the petition, to eveyone you know and please help us in the fight for Bells to become a Surfing sanctuary and not a tourist mecca as is currently planned,with a significant reduction for surfers and local stakeholders……
also check out the rest of this website for more info on why bells has been mismanaged,and that the current state of Bells is attributed to incompetence and negligence ,and the current plans for Bells have been rejected by our local community…but the pollies are not listening.
  so please go forth and spread the word…Bella needs your support,please sign and…..become part of the solution in keeping Bells as OUR pristine Iconic cultural home…….safe from the clutches of commercial exploitation….
yours in surfing
Maurice Cole
Bells beach Preservation Society

Clean up at the Bells reserve · 1 March 2012

Have you had hours / days / weeks / months / years of good waves in the Bells reserve and now want to give something back?

You’re in luck, there is a Bells clean up day on this weekend. The Surfcoast Branch of Surfrider Foundation are organising things, if you are interested just follow the directions below:

“Hi Folks,

This is a reminder about the beach clean up at Bells Beach on 4th March,  10am until 12 noon. We hope that you can all be there to give the world’s first surfing reserve a bit of TLC.

This is a Clean Up Australia Day event so to be able to take part, you need to register on their website. It’s easy, just go to

Gloves and bags will be provided. See you there on 4th March!”

Another way is to go tto the Surfrider foundation page on facebook. It has a photo with it.

Still bangin’ the drum… · 23 February 2012

Regular visitors to the Bells Reserve would be aware of the construction work taking place these days. You may have been given this hand out,

or seen it elsewhere on this site.

Make no mistake. This work is being done to accommodate commercial tour operators within the Bells reserve.

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BBAC revoke approval · 22 February 2012

The current works in the Bells Reserve car park are proceeding because they are part of something called the ‘Coastal Management Plan’. The CMP required community approval before it could be implemented and this approval was provided via the Bells Beach Advisory Committee, reporting to the Surf Coast Shire.

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Work has started · 21 February 2012

The back hoes and dump trucks have pulled into the Bells car park to kick off the first phase of the Surf Coast Shires mission to create the new, ‘bus friendly’ Bells Reserve.

The blokes on site have been handing out this flier, below, to put forward the Shire’s spin on why the work is being done.

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