A message from the President

3 March 2012

A message from colorful local identity, international surf icon, Bells reserve regular and the President of the Bells Beach Preservation Society, Maurice Cole:

Maurice is the one with the hat.

Hi All
 the fight for Bells to remain “OUR” sacred surfing site is now in full swing,could you all please pass on the link to the petition, to eveyone you know and please help us in the fight for Bells to become a Surfing sanctuary and not a tourist mecca as is currently planned,with a significant reduction for surfers and local stakeholders……
also check out the rest of this website for more info on why bells has been mismanaged,and that the current state of Bells is attributed to incompetence and negligence ,and the current plans for Bells have been rejected by our local community…but the pollies are not listening.
  so please go forth and spread the word…Bella needs your support,please sign and…..become part of the solution in keeping Bells as OUR pristine Iconic cultural home…….safe from the clutches of commercial exploitation….
yours in surfing
Maurice Cole
Bells beach Preservation Society

2 Responses to “A message from the President”

  1. Steven Magrin says:

    Thanks Maurice and team for standing up on our behalf. All power to you. A problem is not enough people down the coast know of the issue or what your trying to achieve, so they are missing the only chance to support Bells and the Preservation Society.

  2. CHRIS MO says:

    surf coast shire, where has all the money gone ?

    why do 1 hour tourists get precedent over your constituents?

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