Commercial tour operators, the story so far…

23 March 2012

The latest on the tour bus saga, a video summary from Maurice:

Video credit to Wes at Nalu Productions, excellent work, as always>

5 Responses to “Commercial tour operators, the story so far…”

  1. Nadia Yateman says:

    Go Maurice, Keep up the fight. This is not what the Pioneers of Bells were about at all. Always this beach should be preserved and protected. It’s about the raw nature not the tourist dollar.

  2. On Ya Maurice, thanks to you and the Save Bell’s Beach Team for fighting the fight and for keeping us updated on the outrageous decision by an ill informed council and the stupid decision making process they have adopted… What the bloody hell are they thinking! I am disgusted! Cheers > Phil

  3. Tim A says:

    Check out 2min 57sec the dude behind maurice finishes his ciggie and throws it on the ground! Even if 20% of the tourists do it there is 100 ciggies washing into the beach every day!

  4. Therese says:

    well Maurice, what you really need is balance. You are lucky you don’t have a mass amount of high rise hotels as in other parts of Australia, like Scarborough and the GC, and the visits by these coaches are only brief.

    My 14 year old son already owns a few of your boards, so is actively contributing to your retirement fund. One of those “600 visitors a second” could be a potential customer for you and Ripcurl.

    We have an ever expanding population and a bigger than ever interest in the surf culture. Just this week Fuel TV has transformed many Aussie living rooms in to a Fijian beach paradise. Who wins from that? you and Ripcurl, and Billabong and others who have profited from the increased profile this sport is experiencing, and good for you! you have a well marketed brand.

    What you need to understand is that WE all own the beach, not just those who are fortunate enough to live there all year round.

    I’m proud that others have taken an interest in what we have in Australia. It shits on beaches in the US and other parts of the world…let them look at it, move on, and be forever envious of what we love and enjoy the most.

    Work with the council, make sure the correct infrastructure is in place to best preserve the environment, but please don’t make this place exclusive to a bunch of old sea dogs.

    Just remember, if it wasn’t for “the tourist dollar”, those who lost so much, including the beauty of the beach in Prevelly, could never dream about this surfers’ paradise returning to her former beauty.

  5. F Choo says:

    Maurice, I think many people planning infrastructure for tourists or for local use need to understand that ‘correct infrastructure’ when dealing with environment is a contradiction in terms. Infrastructure does not equal preservation. Maurice raises many very important points that really need attention. IN ten years time will the car park be bigger, larger toilet blocks, traffic lights, apartments, shops for the tenants? Where will the sewerage go? Water treatment plant? Comeon, someone on the council there needs to understand the long term issues and if they dont they need good advice.
    Why are those busses of tourists there? I hope each bus is paying a very high price to enter. Move the tourist car park 1 klm back from the beach, at least.
    This IS about preservation of the community as well as the environment.
    The most dangerous animal on the planet is a tourist.
    Good luck Maurice.

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